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Biolog 3000 is the world’s most portable multifunctional ECG recorder, which can be used on its own for instant cardiac monitoring, or with other Micromedical components to provide an integrated diagnostic monitoring system.

      Benefit Checklist  
  Light weight 270g.  
  Simple to operate.  
  Instant heart rate and ECG trace on screen with direct contact electrodes.  
  Saves time - via 12-lead simultaneous acquisition.  
  Diagnostic quality ECG results
- (0.05 to 100 Hz) single lead.
- (0.05 to 175Hz) 12-lead.
  Adjustable recording length,
up to 200 seconds or 12-lead x 10 seconds.
  Stored ECG can be recalled from memory, with freeze frame display and transtelephonic transmission options.  
    Database Management software with and without interpretative capabilities.  
    Analog and digital transmission options.  
    Interface that enables transmission direct to printer.  
    Biolog 3000 Specifications

More details on the BioLog 3000:

Diagnostic ECG reading. Anywhere! Instantly! Easily!
The Biolog 3000 is a small, battery-powered, portable electrocardiograph (ECG) monitor, using 6 lead, for use in Vet and Human practice,or 12 lead simultaneous acquisition cables. The monitor also has built in electrodes that enable the ECG and heart rate to be displayed on screen within seconds without wires, patches or gels. The ECG can be stored in memory and printed on a Canon or HP Laser Jet printer, via the infra-red linked Micromedical Printer Interface, or transferred to CardioView 3000 via direct serial connection or modem. Biolog is extensively used by physicians, general practitioners, nurses and sports medicine specialists.
Simple to use The Biolog provides an affordable instant 6 or 12 lead ECG and heart rate display

A summary of Benefits
Diagnostic quality results (12 lead simultaneous acquisition at 500 Hz and 12 bit; ECG frequency response of 0.05 to 175 Hz).
High definition back-lit LCD screen for clear display, even in low light conditions.
The monitor records and displays 10 seconds of 12 lead simultaneous ECG, or a single lead rhythm strip of up to 200 seconds.
Build-in electrode contact feet for instant ECG and heart rate by direct contact with the patient's chest.
The ECG data is stored in solid-state memory and can be reviewed on screen, or transmitted via telephone to the physicians office or receiving centre.
Supported by 12 lead interpretive / trans-telephonic software.

Cost effective plain paper printouts, when used with the infra-red linked Micromedical Printer Interface (MPI) and Canon or HP LaserJet or compatible printers, or with a Windows supported printer.



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