FREE ON-line Auctions for the EMS Community

Have you heard of ebay, ubid and auction online? These are global on-line auction companies. offers the same type of system for the Emergency Services community FREE. Now you can bid, sell and buy right here in on our site.

Anyone from the EMS, Fire Rescue, Emergency Services and Medical community can use the On-Line Auction service at 

To commence your online auction follow the steps detailed below:

In order to be able to buy, sell or bid for items in EMSsupply's online auctions, you must first create an online account with us, comprising of a username of your choice and a password that will be sent to you by us. This is done so that we can recoginise you every time you come to our site. Follow this link to set up your account.

Whenever you want to either list or bid for an item, you must supply your username that you chose in the previous step and the password that was subsequently emailed to you (which you can change here). This is done so we can keep track of who has listed each item, and who has bid for it.

To Sell: If you have an item to sell, you must first decide which category it fits in to from the category list. Then click on the relevant category, and on the next page, click Post New Item at the bottom. Fill in the relevant details, click Preview, and if you are happy, click Post Item. Your item will now be placed on our site.

To Bid: If you wish to bid for an item, first select the appropriate category, and then click on the name of the item. Fill in your username, password and bid, and then click Place Bid. Your bid will then be recorded on our site. 


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