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Pocketview EKG/ECG for hand held PC's - Full 12 lead EKG on the move FREE Download available here!!

Cardioview PC-EKG Link - Full 12 lead EKG. Cables and software for your Notebook PC.

11/01 - Antibiotics - Overuse may hurt kids!!!!
Researchers at the Australian National University and the Canberra Hospital have uncovered a link between drug resistant bacteria and the use of antibiotics.

AED Save "An employee came into First Aid complaining of chest pains, and feeling weak. He did not want to go to the hospital, and his blood pressure readings were not high. Later he came back

CPR Pulse check no longer recommended for layperson CPR.....

Scoop Stretcher
Many have talked about what their Scoop will do. Now there is ONE Scoop that does it all. Why do Paramedics and Rescuers find AussiScoop in a class of its own?? Find out more.....

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Inflation Valve

Many of our rescuer friends use Air Splints to manage fractures. One of the worst aspects of reusing a splint is having to inflate the splint via the valve and wondering, who was the last rescuer that inflated the splint?

The inflation valve is the answer!!!!! Follow this link for the latest....


Pen Light

When you're on the road or in a dark place and you want to jot some critical information all new PenLight is an answer. Penlight combines the usefulness of a pen with the convenience of a small flashlight.
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