The secret to using the SAM Splint properly is to curve it lengthwise. This longitudinal bend gives the splint its strength.
Curve the outside edges the opposite direction to make it even stronger.
Fold the 9" SAM® Splint around the thumb and over the wrist to stabilize thumb injuries.
Use the SAM® Finger Splint for injured fingers. Fold up the end for extra protection. If you don't have a finger splint, just cut a small part of the SAM® Splint and fold over the exposed edge.

Double the SAM® Splint or create a t-bend for extra strength.

Place the curved splint under the forearm to treat a lower arm fracture or sprain.

Wrap the SAM® Splint around the elbow to splint the wrist or forearm.
For dislocated shoulders, fold the SAM® Splint in threes to form a triangular 'Airplane' splint. Create curves to strengthen.


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