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This unique system features a SkedŽ Stretcher pre-rigged for extremely rapid deployment into the water. Using CO2 inflatable float logs, this system can be in the water, ready to use in less than 30 seconds. A patient can be packaged and ready for retrieval in less than 30 seconds.
The Rapid Deployment System, designed especially for Marine, Navy and Coast Guard use, puts the SkedŽ Stretcher together with the SkedŽ Inflatable Flotation System in a large custom duffel bag. The system is maintained fully rigged in the bag. When deploying the system the user simply unzips the duffel bag, triggers the CO2 cartridges, pulls two straps, and drops the ready to use system in the water. Skedco also offers a Rapid Deployment Conversion Kit which includes everything for rapid deployment except the stretcher, for those who already possess the SkedŽ Basic Rescue System. Available in International Orange or Camouflage Green. Made in USA.

The SK-650 Rapid Deployment Water Rescue System comes with:
Sked Basic Rescue System - the complete basic system as described on page 2, including the stretcher, backpack and hoisting accessories.
CO2 Inflatable Float Logs (pair) - each of the float logs has an inflatable bladder covered with durable black nylon. The logs can be inflated instantly with the included CO2 cartridges, or can be inflated by mouth.
Chest Pad - the chest pad attaches to the front of the packaged patient, not allowing the patient to float in a face down position.
Ballast Weight - a durable bag filled with 15 pounds of lead shot which attaches to the bottom of the SkedŽ with hook and loop fasteners. This makes the SkedŽ self right if it capsizes.
Extra Long Handles - a pair of extra long handles is included to help hoist the stretcher up onto a boat or dock.
Sling and Carabiner Float - a handy float with loops on it, used to prevent the slings and carabiner from sinking into the SkedŽ. It prevents entanglement with the patient's legs.
Rapid Deployment Carrying Case - the specially designed duffel bag which is just the right size to hold the rigged system. Includes pockets for storing accessory items.

The SK-651 Rapid Deployment Conversion Kit comes with everything shown above except the SkedŽ Basic Rescue System, so you can convert your own SkedŽ .

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