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REEL Splint System
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The Reel Splint System's dynamic hinge system and traction capability will give you flexibility.

The legs of a professional dancer require flexion, extension, twisting, action and reaction. Translate these needs and flexibility into an articulating immobilizer and traction splint and you've begun to experience The REEL SPLINT SYSTEM

The hinge is the focus, adaptability is the result. Whether a restrictive extrication or challenging knee immobilization, the Reel Splint System can be applied to any presenting limb aspect, regardless of deformity. Once applied, convenient crossmember handles provide rescuer management capability and moveable support straps allow enhanced wound monitoring and treatment options.

An attachable traction ratchet is supported by the patented Sureform Ischial Pad that guarantees a custom fit and perfect bone end alignment for every patient, every time. Simply straighten the splint, insert the ratchet, adjust the ischial pad and your traction ready.

To a dancer the warm-up is as critical as the performance. The Reel Splint System's unique fold down storage design saves critical space; and logistically no other splint matches its' deployabilty and performance coefficency. You'll also save on equipment costs and personnel training time. Our unique multi-component construction, backed by individual part replacement also means you'll never need to buy another splint.

Just as a dancer's performance can hinge on her flexibility, lack of flexibility can seriously limit yours. The Reel Splint System's dynamic hinge system and traction capability will give you that flexibility.

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