Body Bags
As used by the US Military, Major City Police Departments, Hospitals,
Medical Examiners' Offices and Funeral Providers.


Protector Body Bag Features:
  • Contain no chlorides or carbons
  • Hand stitched and heat sealed
  • Provide full containment of blood-borne pathogens
  • Cracking point of 25 - 32 F degrees below zero.
  • Conform to OSHA , EPA & CEC Standards.


Manufactured in the USA, meeting all OSHA standards (#3130), EPA and CEC (Cremation Emission Control) standards.



Protector body bag is a new disposable body bag constructed of a proprietary formula poly.

Added chemicals ensure extra strength and features. Durable, not prone to tearing and leakage as many inferior bags are

This  product is perhaps the best value available anywhere.

Measuring 36" x 90", each bag is mirror glazed for easier handling during transfers. The bags contain no chlorides nor carbon, permitting their use in crematories.

(Crematories can not burn bags that have chlorides or carbon. They pollute the environment and manufacturers caution that they can cause damage to retort chambers. )

They are non carcinogenic to health and mortuary workers when used for cremations.

Hand stitched and heat sealed insure superior strength and safety, they can hold 200-250 lbs, while providing containment of blood borne pathogens.

They have a cracking point of 25-32 degrees below zero, unlike many other bags that crack much higher temperatures.

Many low cost bags are of inferior quality  and emit pollutants when burned.

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Available in cartons of 60 bags for immediate delivery

CSI Recovery Bags


Extra Heavy Duty CSI and Disaster Recovery Bags


Crime Scene Recovery Body Bag is a 20 mm, Black Adult size Post Mortem envelope style body bag.

Size 36 " x 90", 2 - two way curved (#9) zippers for locking of evidence. Heat sealed around entire perimeter to comply with OSHA standards # 3130 containment of blood-borne pathogens and bio-hazardous waste.

Manufactured with 6 ultra strong handles which are riveted on each corner, and one on each side, in the middle, west and east, and stitched with nylon thread at both length and width for additional strength and safety.

Lifting capacity of this bag is 400 lbs. Will not deteriorate under normal conditions.

Packed in units of eight.

Numbered Security Lock included. (This item only is imported)

Price: dependent on quantity.

Availability: Immediate Delivery

Freight: Will be determined when order is placed.


Call EMSsupply LLC today for special wholesale quantity pricing of our crime scene recovery bags.

 Emergency Stretchers

Two Pole 306-5

This robust two pole stretcher is the classic emergency stretcher, made from durable easy to clean materials - alloy tubing, powder coated braces with legs and vinyl coated nylon diaphragm in safety yellow.


Dual Fold 306-7

The dual fold is similar to the two pole except that this model offers a centre hinge for ease of storage.

These stretchers are very popular with community groups, sporting clubs, first aid posts and industrial sites. They are compact, lightweight and easily stored.

Carry Bag 452


  306-5 306-7
Length 2010mm 2010mm
Width 520mm 520mm
Height 125mm 125mm
Weight 7kg 7.7kg
Safe Working Load 180kg 180kg
Folded size 2010x130x110mm 1000x170x130mm




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